South tour


Asphalt Dirt


  1. From Lomé to Kpalime
  2. From Kpalime to Badou
  3. From Badou to Assoukoko
  4. From Assoukoko to Atakpame
  5. From Atakpame to Lome

The journey starts in Lomé. And leads over beautiful off-road routes through the green mountains of the Voltas area near the Ghana border to Kpalime. In the region, the routes lead past waterfalls, old colonial buildings, local villages and through the West African tropical forest.

The region offers an extraordinary variety of routes for enduro hiking – you can choose more physically and technically demanding routes via single tracks, as well as easier off-road slopes and asphalt roads.

It should be noted that The Togo Moto Club organizes the annual International Enduro of Kpalime, which is known far beyond the borders of Togo.

The nights can either be spent in hotels (upper or middle class) or in outdoor camps prepared by our Team.