Our Motorcycles

We chose the KTM 450 EXC-F because it is an excellent off-road motorcycle, which guarantees riding pleasure on any surface.
At around 110 kg, the motorcycle is very light and easy to handle for the rider. Our motorcycles are equipped with larger tanks and softer seats to make the trip easier for our guests. Most of the luggage is stored in a service car which accompanies us on the trip. This allows us to carry only small luggage (Mosko Moto Reckless 10 l System) on the bike. The motorcycles are perfectly suited and tested for a wide variety of tours and routes.

Technical specifications

Number of cylinders1
Displacement449.3 ccm
Stroke63.4 mm
Number of gears6
Front travel300 mm
Rear travel310 mm
Wheel base1482 mm
Seat height960 mm
Weight106 kg
Fuel capacity8.5 l