North tour


Asphalt Dirt


  1. From Lomé to Kara by car
  2. From Kara to Defale
  3. From Defale to Mango
  4. From Mango to Pligou
  5. From Pligou to Dapaong
  6. From Dapaong back to Kara

After arriving in Kara by car we have the opportunity to visit the local elephant station. The next morning we start our trip through the savannah and make our way up to the north of the country. There is also a beautiful vantage point in Defale with a Jesus statue that is reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, we can search for hippos in Mango and visit the Caves du Nok further north.

The northern tour is characterized by breathtaking trips and routes through the savannah.